Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to Comped Music!

Music - There is not one person in this world that hates music. Sure, we all might have our own different likes and dislikes, but if you were to go up to someone and ask them "Do you hate music?", the odds are, they don't.

Many of us feel like experimenting with music. Making rock bands in High School, joining a school or professional band/orchestra, getting together with some friends laying down some hot beats and adding lyrics, or possibly you might just want to sit down at your computer and use your favorite music program to write WHATEVER it is that you want to.

I always believed that EVERYBODY should be able to have their music heard, regardless of experience with music, performance, or songwriting. You shouldn't need to have a record label to express yourself.

That's where Comped Music comes in handy. I'm going to be using this blog as a hub for any music you guys have in the "Comped" genre. Comped Music is a Non-Cost, Non-Profit site project.

What is "Comped" Music?

Try thinking of "Comped" as a music genre. Well, thats at least how I see it. Personally, I think it SHOULD be a genre, since alot of stuff we write sometimes doesn't fall into rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, classical, etc. This is where the term comes from (or at least in my head)

-COMPosed - Anything that you write is a composition! Comped music involves your compositions!

-COMPuter - Although not the only form of composing music, the PC is a great tool to write down musical ideas in your head, especially if you'd rather just purchase a music composition program as opposed to several instruments...odds are you'd need to buy a music editing/recording program anyway.

So COMPine (haha just a pun there) those two things, and you have what I call the Comped genre of music. Song doesn't fall into a generic genre? Don't worry! It has a home here!

What will this site/blog feature?

Here, you will be able to get your own works published here, and with that you can do several things:

  • Make a name for yourself! Get known! Show people what you can write!
  • Looking for people to write music for you? Browse everyone's works, see what you like, and ask permission to music or request certain songs from people
  • Get feedback! The best way to improve as a musician and composer is to get feedback from other people! Your comments can be as general as "I like" or "I don't" like this, or more musically complex such as "Try changing a note in this chord" or "Those bars in 7/8 are rockin!"
I'm no master composer myself, in fact I'm really not all that good yet with my brand new copy of FL studio, but I plan to make my money's worth and learn more about music, and all of you can do the same! So together, let's make some music.

Welcome to Comped Music and Enjoy Your Stay!

PS. Know of any people that would be interested in stuff like this? Please spread the word!

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