Friday, April 20, 2007

Song: CPZ Remix

CPZ Remix
By: Matrix802

Notes: This is my version of the music for Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2.

Download CPZ Remix Here!

Artist: Matrix802


Bio: n/a

- CPZ Remix

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Song: Ambience Thoery

Ambience Theory
By: Digitally Hazardous

Notes: Created with Reason 2.5 / EVA. A spacey chillout track. The entire song is made with 2 Instruments with insane amounts of reverb and attack.

Warning : This tune is quiet, remember to turn down the volume once you've finished!

Download Ambience Theory Here!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Song: Lullaby

By: DJDarkShadow

Notes: Composed by DJDarkShadow, lyrics and vocals by PrettyKuno. What a pretty voice. The music has slight inspiration from video games, slight :P

Lyrics: (Lyric pages coming soon - this song will be featured in the lyric pages once available!)

Download Lullaby Here!

Song: The Witness Knows [RETRO]

The Witness Knows [RETRO]
By: DJDarkShadow

Notes: Created using emulated Super Nintendo Instruments, Happy playful techno video game music.

Download The Witness Knows [RETRO] Here!

Song: Love and Strength [RETRO]

Love and Strength [RETRO]
By: DJDarkShadow

Notes: Created using emulated Super Nintendo Instruments, video game techno music, a song about love.

Download Love and Strength [RETRO] Here!

Song: Stolen Heart of the Other

Stolen Heart of the Other
By: DJDarkShadow

Notes: Piano, D&B, Relaxing

Download Stolen Heart of the Other Here!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week One not a Weak One

Hello new-born Comped Music community!

Well, we're 1 week into this brand new (and strange) product and quite honestly, I'm pleased!
In one week we've gotten 4 artists and cataloged 24 songs! This is something Im really happy about, seeing as how 1 week ago the only 2 people knew about it. And to have 3 artists SUBMIT their work in ALREADY is phenomenal.

Quickly, I'd like to clear up some confusion: YES you can submit pretty much any audio format including MIDI (however, the more "common" it is the better...Mp3 being pretty much the most common - sending a .ogg might not be the best idea) you can ALSO submit image files of your sheet music if theres no way you're able to send in audio files. We want to be compatible with what you send to us.

I guess in conclusion, the only thing I cant stress is PLEASE help spread the word. Those here now are going to be the founding members of this group and if you can help in any way possible by posting this on a forum, or your website, or tell a few friends who write their own music. It will help a TON.

Be sure to check out some of Cryora's long list of songs, Digitally Hazardous' catchy tunes, and DJDarkShadow's slick song called "Starry Roads". Be sure to drop some feedback too using the comment system!

With that said, heres best wishes to another week of Comped Music!

Enjoy your stay!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Song: Cannon

By: Digitally Hazardous

Notes: Created with Reason 2.5 / EVA.

After 2 weeks of late night / early mornings, here is the result. Audio output
is passed through a 4 band EQ to provide some color. The begin / backing synth is
heavily influenced from Binary Finary - 2000.

Bonus pictures! (Just to prove that it is my work, and if you really want to know the
keys / bass line)
Entire Song Tracking :
Main Melody :

Download Cannon Here!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Song: Eon

By: Digitally Hazardous

Notes: Created with Reason 2.5 / Evolution Audio Pro Sequencer (loopBe Setup) No keyboards (except the computer's) was used. Recorded using an Creative X-Fi.

Download Eon Here!