Saturday, March 17, 2007

Song: Cannon

By: Digitally Hazardous

Notes: Created with Reason 2.5 / EVA.

After 2 weeks of late night / early mornings, here is the result. Audio output
is passed through a 4 band EQ to provide some color. The begin / backing synth is
heavily influenced from Binary Finary - 2000.

Bonus pictures! (Just to prove that it is my work, and if you really want to know the
keys / bass line)
Entire Song Tracking :
Main Melody :

Download Cannon Here!


AHXtreme42 said...

WOW! This song is CATCHY! Nice hooks man I really was bobbin my head to it. And THIS time I'm feelin' the bass both the kick and synth or whatever - good work with that. See how much a good bass adds to a song? To quote Borat: "It's niice"
And I liked the part in the middle where you took away the high-hat for the first phrase and then added it in the second time, then added ANOTHER one on top of that to enhance it the third time, that was slick. (I'm also a sucker for "sticky basses" that don't change their pitch..not sure why but I like it)

Great work DH, I personally like this one even more than your first.

Great improvements and keep up the great work!

Nathaniel said...

Amazing, I love this. I tried working with it playing in the background. Didn't work too well, I found myself listening to it and not working and resisted shutting it off. Good stuff, amazing bass, amazing quality. Keep it up!

Fondea said...

Well said.