Friday, March 16, 2007

Song: Eon

By: Digitally Hazardous

Notes: Created with Reason 2.5 / Evolution Audio Pro Sequencer (loopBe Setup) No keyboards (except the computer's) was used. Recorded using an Creative X-Fi.

Download Eon Here!


AHXtreme42 said...

Hey DH, welcome to comped music.
Anyways, your song Eon.
GREAT hook at the beginning it really got me into the song right from the start. The special effect work is brilliant as well. This song is just tight all around.
However, do you have a bass instrument in there besides the kick? Because I just don't hear anything on the low end (and I have a sub woofer too) - maybe up the volume a bit on the bass instrument so that can compliment the great synth work you have down with a solid low-end.

Great work! Keep it up!

Guia said...


Thanks for listening, I'm glad someone likes it because I've got another tune in the works.

Bass! its a TB-303, so your right, its lacking the lowend for some reason [no pun!] or the kick's freq range is drowning it out. As soon as the comp is the works has finished, I'll revise eon and update the file.

Thanks :D

ps: Gonna check out the other stuff now :D

Calvin said...

Nice :D. The begging parts sounded perfect for an Unreal Tournament game lol.