Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to Submit Music

Alright, so you're ambitious.

You're ready to start writing and sharing your music (or maybe you've already written music!) and want to start sharing it on Comped Music. No matter what, do NOT be intimidated based on your skill. Comped Music is here to hear you out, and help give you feedback to improve your tunes. It doesn't even matter if you're not a pro at your music program yet, or if you don't have a good one. EVERYONE is ALWAYS welcome to send in their music.

1.)Get a Music Composition Program
You'll obviously need one of these if you plan to write music. If you're here you PROBABLY already have one though. I'll be honest, these programs aren't free (or at least I haven't found a free one yet). Programs such as Fruity Loops and Garage Band allow you to sample beats and recordings of computer generated instruments, and you can assemble an Mp3. Programs like Sibelius and Finale allow you to write out sheet music and save it as a MIDI file. We'll also take sheet music (image files) if you want to submit those instead/also!
A free MIDI program you can use is called Anvil Studio. You might want to give that one a look at too! (Thanks to Cryora for pointing out this site)

The program I use, Fruity Loops offers a free trial of the program, where you can use all features of Fruity Loops and STILL export and save your projects to audio files, however the only downside is that you cannot save the project files themselves, meaning you'll need to keep your computer running and not exit the program if you want to continue to work on a song. Once you close the program, that's it. There are probably other free trials available, but saving depends on the program itself. Look around if you like.

2.)Upload Your Music
Next, you'll need to upload your music (in an audio format such as Mp3, WMA, MIDI, etc. OR an image file of your sheet music) to a free file hosting site or something you own.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FILE HOSTING STORAGE: Use it! That's the best bet. This way you don't need to worry about speeds or download restrictions, or time limits.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN FILE HOSTING STORAGE: Use a free online hosting site.
Here are some sites that you can use (list will be updated over time):
NOTE: Some sites require a free account to be made before you start hosting
NOTE: Some sites will remove your files after it has not been downloaded for a while
Or if you are comfortable and familiar with another site, feel free! When you are given the address where your song is hosted, save that! You'll need it later!

3.)Send a Song Submission E-mail
The final step in the process is to send me a message via e-mail. You can send an e-mail message by clicking here (
NOTE: Any submissions that DO NOT follow this format, or are incomplete will NOT be added to Comped Music. Anything in BOLD is REQUIRED.
Subject: Comped Music Submission

Body Contents:
  • Artist Name: Your Artist Name
  • Song Name: Name of song you are submitting
  • Link: Link to the song from step 2.
  • Song Info: Any background info/notes/dedications etc. you have for this song (OPTIONAL)
  • Profanity Warning: IF you have lyrics in your song and if there is any profanity used, please let me know so I can label it properly for younger listeners.
  • Lyrics: Want to post the lyrics to your song? Write them down here (OPTIONAL)
If you HAVE submitted a song before on Comped Music, this is all you will need
If you HAVEN'T submitted a song before or wish to update your artist profile, continue to fill out the following optional fields:
  • Real Name: Your real name
  • Username: Your Comped Music/Blogger username that you go by.
  • Artist Biography: Tell something about yourself. Influences, favorite bands, what you like to write, etc. Write it as you want it to appear on the website.
  • Website: Link to your musical website if you have one
  • Notes: Any notes you wish to tell me privately or in general, can also be added.
  • Contact Email: If you want people to be able to contact you, specifically put in the e-mail address you wish to use. Your e-mail will NOT be publicly displayed unless you request it yourself.
Once you have submitted your e-mail, give me 1-5 days (it will most likely be very quick however) to add your song to the site.

We look forward to your submissions!

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