Friday, March 16, 2007

Artist: Cryora


Name: Calvin He
Username: Calvin

Bio: I've played the violin for 5 years, the trombone for 1/2 a year, the electric keyboard for a few years, and the drum set for a few months. I've been using Anvil Studio to make MIDIs for several years but never pulled off any masterpieces. My music is influenced by alot of different sources. Types of music that I like and influence how I compose are rock (U2, Yellowcard), music from games mainly RPGs like Final Fantasy series (also many MIDIs I found in RPG Maker 2000 games), and new age orchestral music.


- 2nd Song
- 5th Song
- 6th Song
- Ay
- Christmas Song
- From Peace to Hatred
- Halloween Song
- Hardcore Song
- Love Ballad
- Orchestral Song
- Practice Song
- Small Christmas Tune
- Adventurous Song
- Spooky V2
- Dance of the Wraiths
- The Catchy Tune
- Kumo 2

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