Monday, March 12, 2007

Song: Starry Roads

Starry Roads
By: DJDarkShadow

Notes: Inspired by video games, motion and deep thinking.

Download Starry Roads Here!


AHXtreme42 said...

Hey DJDS, thanks for joining Comped Music! Starry Roads - I love the synth work and the light piano on top adds a great feel. You got something going there for sure. This ones certainly a keeper. Starry Roads, welcome to my music library! Keep the great stuff coming!

Calvin said...

Nice song. The drum beat rocks.

Guia said...


I like the spaccy/sweeping synth for the main melody. That begin Bass seems to rock my headphones off my head!

That secondary melody coming in at 2:55 so sounds like Tyrain (yes, old does game!)

My only concern, is the mixer, from what I can here, the audio is clipping out when the tune gets busy on all channels.

Other than that, keep up the work!

Nathaniel said...

Thanks for the kind comments :]

guia - Yeah, I would have added more to the song if Fruity Loops itself didn't lag at that so much while composing this - Ah well :P