Sunday, March 11, 2007

Artist: Not Your Average...

Not Your Average...

Name: Andrew
Username: AHXtreme42

Bio: Hi, I'm AHXtreme42, and "Not Your Average" artist. I'm the creator of Comped Music, and I like to write my own music in my own particular style - without being forced to follow one particular direction. Hence, it's "Not Your Average" kind of music. I'll take my knolwedge of music including 9 years of French Horn, 6 years of percussion, and ALOT of listening to crazy things from school and my indoor percussion group and I'll end up using odd meters or decide not to have a specific verse/chorus format, etc. but theres something in every song that makes my stuff unique, and that's what I like most. I hope you enjoy my music.


- The Yellow Suit Episodes
- The Art of Inveiglement
- Kaleidoscope

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