Friday, March 16, 2007

Song: The Catchy Tune

The Catchy Tune
By: Cryora

Notes: Upbeat rock song. The drum rhythm comes from a U2 song. (One of my better songs)

Download The Catchy Tune Here!


AHXtreme42 said...

haha you got the feel perfectly right. Very upbeat and happy sounding. Good job, except be sure to end the songs and bring closure.

Instead of those 16th notes at the end just end with the chord. (Unless you wanted the song to loop or connect to another song - then my mistake)

Guia said...

perfect title for such a catchy tune :D.

tbh, I can't nothing wrong. I'd reckon you'll produce some nice melodies when you get yourself a MIDI keyboard :D

Keep up the work!