Friday, March 16, 2007

Song: Dance of the Wraiths

Dance of the Wraiths
By: Cryora

Notes: I entered this song in a contest.. nearly got last place (phew). It sounds like an RPG battle song. (One of my better songs)

Download Dance of the Wraiths Here!


AHXtreme42 said...

Cool I liked the intro. However, Im a bit unsteady with the set when it comes in, mostly the fact the snare hits are on the and of 2 and 4...which yeah is cool sometimes, but I just didn't think it was right for the song. Didn't sink with me for some reason. Also some odd noise at :23 sec that didn't seem to work.
You have good things going with the guitar work though for sure.

Guia said...

Love the intro, gets the mood going, but the drum pattern that comes in (to abrubtly) needs work, or something like a climbing string to cover the change.

Yeah, your about about the song, seems to go with Final Fanstasy Battle music.